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About Ministry Solutions

Ministry Solutions a service of Delta Technical Services, is an online database for your Christian ministry. This database was formed after serving local ministries with their programming, internet services, and IT needs. It became clear, while serving them, that many of these ministries were using outdated and limited databases. Ministries that had a desire to connect better with their members simply had their hands tied to the older programs. With the help of a ministry leaders, Ministry Solutions was formed.

Jason Thompson, a ministry director in Portland Oregon writes:

"After 20 years of ministry and working with simple databases I realized how many limitations there are in connecting with our donors. With the desire to build something for Portland Fellowship, I thought of the many other churches and ministries that could benefit from this service. I helped create this to keep the cost VERY low for ministries. You would be amazed how much more resources can come in through this program. Within the first week of going live I had two new pledges made because of the interface. Those two pledges could cover the cost of the monthly service fee."

Ministry Solutions is a DBA of Delta Technical Services LLC based in Aurora, Oregon.